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The Manoh event for November is open.  Go to the events page for sign up.  

Heads or Tails 

A Manoh Man believes that life is short and should be played NAKED

 Manoh men participation is restricted to males over the age of 21.  If you browse this site further, you acknowledge that you have achieved the legal status of adult and that you are embarking on your 21st trip around the sun.   You are welcome to visit the other sections for more information, if you are not yet 21, Aloha and Mahalo and come back to visit when you are. 

Hawaii Manoh Man

The name Manoh is an acronym for "Males Au Natural of Hawaii." 

Manoh is a gay nudist group designed for men around the world who come to Hawaii (and for those who live here) who would like to enjoy the freedom of nudity.  It provides  a venue to enjoy each other's company and interests while nude.  Where better to enjoy that but the privacy of a Manoh event in the beautiful state of Hawaii. 

Manoh Man Membership

The male nudist group is over 30 years old and is still active and growing.  Visitors are welcome to join permanently or simply register for one of the scheduled events throughout the year.   The cost of membership is free but there is a charge for each event making it simpler for our bookkeeper, the budgeting process and our visitors to Hawaii.  The event coordinator, bookkeeper and other helpers all do this for free.  To become a Manoh member, simply register on the 'Membership' page.  That will place you in our database and on our mailing list if you choose that option.  We keep a firm grip on our male members.  The membership list is never given to anyone.  


Wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic.  The amount of clothes depends on functional considerations, such as a need for warmth or protection from weather, as well as social considerations and laws.   In some circumstances, a minimum amount of clothing or none at all may be considered socially acceptable, while in others much more clothing is expected.  In Manoh the requirement is NO clothing.  Period.  

People, as individuals and in groups, have varying attitudes towards their own nudity and the nudity of others.  Some are relaxed about appearing less than fully clothed in front of others, while others are uncomfortable or inhibited.  Many are uncomfortable or inhibited when others can see their sexual arousal and others may be aroused by it.  

People are nude in a variety of situations, and whether they are prepared to disrobe in front of others depends on the social context in which the issue arises.  Some people adopt nudism as a life style.  Some people take part in non-sexual public nude events.  Outdoor nude recreation can take place in private areas.  Some states have legalized nudity in some of their parks (clothing optional).  Oahu has NO legal nude beach but there are some locations where nudity is somewhat ignored.  

Why Manoh in Hawaii

Nude beaches are limited in Hawaii and nudity in public is not legal.  Hawaii Manoh men want somewhere to go to play naked.  Manoh is a way for new Manoh men to become comfortable with their own nudity in a social environment and for all Manoh Men to enjoy the comfort of nudity in a social setting.  Each scheduled event is hosted by a Manoh Man and the type of party offered is up to the host.  Most of the events tend to be cocktail parties but Manoh will consider football parties, beach parties, catamaran sails, or movie nights as other possible events.  

Who Attends

All adult ages, all body types, all ethnicities, all professions, visitors,  and locals come to the various events.  You choose which events you would like to go to.  You can be a bear, clean-cut, daddy, geek, jock, otter, rugged, twink, bottom, top, versatile, dominant, passive, son, smooth, hairy, cut or un-cut, religious, atheist, vegetarian, Democrat, Republican, Independent or any other political affiliation.  All that we ask is that you be a member in good standing (no pun intended).  

Our Manoh's

Manoh comes in many sizes.  We have Manoh's,  Mini Manoh's, Mega Manoh's, Metro Manoh's and Monster Manoh's sort of like many of our Manoh members.  Some of the event sizes might be limited for that reason.  Events can fill up quickly for the smaller Mini events.  The host determines the size restrictions--again in numbers attending and not related to any anatomical preferences.  Although if a member wanted to throw a special party we can always come up with a new category.  

Messages from Manoh Man

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10/18/2014:  All events are full in December.  We have more than enough members on the waiting list so those interested in attending an event will have to wait until our Heads or Tails event in November.  

10/6/2014:  Guys, there's a mini manoh scheduled for October 18th.  It will be a very small group and hoods or masquerades will be required.  It will be at a hotel in Waikiki.  Register today. 

9/29/2014:  Another event will be scheduled on November 15th.  It will be posted in the next two weeks.  

9/27/2014:  There are 7 spots left for Hallo-Weenie.  The flyer and Monthly Manoh will go out the first of next week.  

9/14/2014:  Guys, please visit the Event Facts page for an update on our privacy policies.  You can retain membership without being on a mailing list if you are concerned about your privacy.  An email to us at Manoh with the request will change the emails that you get.  Just specify that you would prefer "Private" membership rather than "General" membership.  

9/5/2014:  When you request to be placed on a waiting list, please provide us with the information requested on the website.  We have a request to be added with only initials and we have no idea who that person might be.  So if you signed up recently with the initials JHO, please re-register.  

8/31/2014:  Today is National Trail Mix Day.  

8/30/2014:  Today is toasted Marshmallow Day. 

8/29/2014:  Today is More Herbs, Less Salt Day.  We have a suggestion for using all natural ingredients....

8/28/2014:  Today is Race Your Mouse Day.

8/27/2014:  Today is Global Forgiveness Day.

8/21/2014:  Today is Senior Citizen's Day.

8/20/2014:  Today is National Radio Day.

8/19/2014:  Today is Aviation Day.

8/18/2014:  Today is Bad Poetry Day.  Roses are red. Violets are blue, Join Manoh for head. Just watch for our queue.  

8/17/2014:  Today is National Thrift Shop Day.

8/16/2014:  Today is National Tell a Joke Day.  "As she lay there dozing next to me, one voice inside my head kept saying, 'Relax, you're not the first doctor to sleep with one of his patients', but the other kept reminding me, 'Howard, you are a veterinarian!’ "

8/8/2014:  The gig is on for Manoh in Manoa.  Have fun boys.  

8/6/2014:  Manoh in Manoa will stay open a couple more days as there are no restrictions on size.  The Webmaster is on the west coast so there is a 3 hour time zone change between you and me.  Enjoy Saturday night.  

7/21/2014:  If you experience a delay in a response from Manoh Men, please don't fret.  The Webmaster is in Vermont and unfortunately about a 6 hour time zone difference.  We'll respond to you as soon as possible.  On the plus side, we will SOON have a Manoh telephone number.  Watch the August update for the new number.  

7/8/2014:  You may have noticed a change in the registration system.  We are simplifying it as much as we can.  Payment and registration is now a one step process.  If you need to clarify anything just email us at hawaiimanohman@gmail.com.  There is space at the very bottom of the page where you pay by credit card that says NOTE TO SELLER.  Please guys, use that note when you are paying for more than one person or if you are paying under a name that is not your Manoh identity.  

7/6/2014:  Two events coming up guys!  On July 19 a Mini Manoh hosted by Manoh John S.  August 9 a Manoh event hosted by Manoh Robert in Manoa Valley.  Both events are open and we're ready to take you on!

6/27/2014:  Just a heads up to our Manoh members that July 14th is National Nude Day and the month of July is national hot dog month and national eye injury prevention month.  I'll let you figure out the relationship between these three events and will withhold further comment.  We still have a few spots left for the July 5 event.  

6/20/2014:  Business is booming.  Thanks to Manoh Members who are stepping forward to host.  Our calendar is filling up!

6/2/2014:  The webmaster screwed up.  The June Manoh Mail was sent to all members but I used a new email program (which I really like) but in doing so, the emails were supposed to all show undisclosed recipients.  Well, that didn't work and I apologize to all of you for the screw up.  

6/1/2014:  Pride is coming up and we have some announcements coming out soon regarding other events this summer.  

5/24/2014:  Several new guys were at the Mini Manoh and Manoh Larry provided free massages for the guests.  Mahalo for a great evening. 

5/23/2014:  The last Monday of May is a Federal Holiday.  It is intended to remember the men and women who died while serving with the US Armed Services.

5/21/2014:  The June 7 Manoh Pride and the May 24 Mini Manoh Jazz are both closed.  You may sign up for the waiting list if you would like and if a vacancy occurs, you will be notified with instructions for registering individually.  Everyone have a great Memorial Day Weekend.  

5/18/2014:  The June 7 Manoh event is now full.  You can sign up to get on the waiting list and we will notify you if a cancelation occurs.   There are only a few spots left on the Mini Manoh scheduled for May 24th.  It should also close within the next few days.  Mahalo for the increased interest in Manoh.  Membership has grown by 100 members in less than 6 months.  

5/17/2014:  Only a few more spots for Manoh Pride guys.  

5/4/2014:  May the 4th be with you!  Tomorrow is May 5 so don't sink in your mayo!  Remember May is national masturbation month.  Please contribute.  

4/30/2014:  There is over a month between the Dark Side and Pride event in June.  If anyone is interested in hosting a Mini Manoh, now would be a good time to consider that.