All About ManoH 

Live in your world, but play in ours.

Hawaii ManoH

The name ManoH is an acronym for "Males au natural of Hawaii." 

ManoH is a gay nudist group designed for men around the world who come to Hawaii (and for those who live here) who would like to enjoy the freedom of nudity.  It provides  a venue to enjoy each other's company and interests while nude.  Where better to enjoy that but the privacy of a ManoH event in the beautiful state of Hawaii. 

ManoH Membership

The male nudist group was created in April 1981 and is still active and growing.  Visitors are welcome to join permanently or simply register for one of the scheduled events as a "Visitor" member.   The cost of membership is free but there is a charge for each event making it simpler for our bookkeeper, the budgeting process and our visitors to Hawaii.  The event coordinator, bookkeeper and other helpers all do this for free.  To become a ManoH member, simply register on the 'Membership' page.  We keep a firm grip on our male members.  The membership list is never given to anyone.  


Wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic.  The amount of clothes depends on functional considerations, such as a need for warmth or protection from weather, as well as social considerations and laws.   In some circumstances, a minimum amount of clothing or none at all may be considered socially acceptable, while in others much more clothing is expected.  In ManoH the requirement is NO clothing.  Period.  

People, as individuals and in groups, have varying attitudes towards their own nudity and the nudity of others.  Some are relaxed about nudity in front of others, while others are uncomfortable, shy or inhibited.  Many are uncomfortable or inhibited when others can see their sexual arousal and others may be aroused by it.  

People are nude in a variety of situations, and whether they are prepared to undress in front of others depends on the social context in which the issue arises.  Some people adopt nudism as a life style.  Some people take part in non-sexual public nude events.  Outdoor nude recreation can take place in private areas.  Some states have legalized nudity in some of their parks (clothing optional).  Oahu has NO legal nude beach but there are some locations where nudity is somewhat ignored.  

Why ManoH in Hawaii

Nude beaches are limited in Hawaii and nudity in public is not legal.  Hawaii ManoH men want somewhere to go to play naked.  ManoH is a way for new men to become comfortable with their own nudity in a social environment and for all men to enjoy the comfort of nudity in a social setting.  Each scheduled event is hosted by a ManoH member and the type of party offered is up to the host.  Most of the events tend to be cocktail parties but ManoH will consider football parties, beach parties, catamaran sails, or movie nights as other possible events.  

Who Attends

All adult ages, all body types, all ethnicities, all professions, visitors,  and locals come to the various events.  You choose which events you would like to go to.  You can be a bear, clean-cut, daddy, geek, jock, otter, rugged, twink, bottom, top, versatile, dominant, passive, son, smooth, hairy, cut or un-cut, religious, atheist, vegetarian, Democrat, Republican, Independent or any other political affiliation.  All that we ask is that you be a member in good standing (no pun intended).  What that means is that you are not an idiot; you're not on the FBI 10 most wanted list; you haven't annoyed a ManoH board member; or you're not a stalker to mention a few things.  ManoH has the final say in deciding membership status.  

Our ManoH's

ManoH comes in many sizes.  We have ManoH's,  Mini ManoH's, Mega ManoH's, Metro ManoH's and Monster ManoH's sort of like many of our ManoH members.  Some of the event sizes might be limited for that reason.  Events can fill up quickly for the smaller mini events.  The host determines the size restrictions--again in numbers attending and not related to any anatomical preferences.  Although, if a member wanted to throw a special party we can always come up with a new category.  

More Information

Review our "Facts" page for additional information about attending a ManoH event. 

ManoH Messages

 ManoH participation is restricted to males over the age of 18.  If you browse this site further, you acknowledge that you are embarking on your 18th trip around the sun. You are welcome to visit the other sections for more information, if you are not yet 18, Mahalo and Aloha.

Events Coming Up

June 28:  Meet ManoH Tuesday

June 30:  Summer Fling

July 5:  Meet ManoH Tuesday

July 9:  Let's Get Inti'mate'

July 12:  Meet ManoH Tuesday

July 15:  Freedom Rocks

July 19:  Meet ManoH Tuesday

July 26:  Meet ManoH Tuesday

Q:  Can straight men attend a ManoH event?

A: Yes.  They must abide with all the rules of ManoH when participating in the event.  They must come equipped with male genitalia and cannot invite their girlfriend no matter how sexy she might be.  Sex is optional, clothing is not.  We have many members who are not gay.  They just like men.  

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