The next Manoh Event is May 3rd.  Come to the Dark Side and celebrate the power of the Force.   

A Manoh Man believes that life is short and should be played NAKED

Hawaii Manoh Man

The name Manoh is an acronym for "Males Au Natural of Hawaii." 

Manoh is a gay nudist club designed for men around the world who come to Hawaii (and for those who live here) who would like to enjoy the freedom of nudity.  It provides  a venue to enjoy each other's company and interests while nude.  Where better to enjoy that but the privacy of a Manoh sponsored event in the beautiful state of Hawaii. 

Manoh Man Membership

The male nudist club is over 20 years old and is still active and growing.  Visitors are welcome to join permanently or simply register for one of the scheduled events throughout the year.   The cost of membership is free but there is a charge for each event making it simpler for our bookkeeper, the budgeting process and our visitors to Hawaii.  The event coordinator, bookkeeper and other helpers all do this for free.  To become a Manoh member, simply register on the Information page.  That will place you on our mailing list and will put you in our database.  We keep a firm grip on our male members.  The list is never given to anyone.  If you are not receiving our email notices, you are NOT a registered member.  

Age Limitations

Manoh men participation is restricted to males over the age of 21.  If you browse this site further, you acknowledge that you have achieved the legal status of adult and that you are embarking on your 21st trip around the sun.   You are welcome to visit the other sections for more information, if you are not yet 21, Aloha and Mahalo but come back to visit when you are. 


Wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic.  The amount of clothes depends on functional considerations, such as a need for warmth or protection from weather, as well as social considerations and laws.   In some circumstances, a minimum amount of clothing or none at all may be considered socially acceptable, while in others much more clothing is expected.  In Manoh the requirement is NO clothing.  Period.  

People, as individuals and in groups, have varying attitudes towards their own nudity and the nudity of others.  Some are relaxed about appearing less than fully clothed in front of others, while others are uncomfortable or inhibited.  Many are uncomfortable or inhibited when others can see their sexual arousal and others may be aroused by it.  

People are nude in a variety of situations, and whether they are prepared to disrobe in front of others depends on the social context in which the issue arises.  Some people adopt nudism as a life style.  Some people take part in non-sexual public nude events.  Outdoor nude recreation can take place in private areas.  Some states have legalized nudity in some of their parks (clothing optional).  Oahu has NO legal nude beach but there are some locations where nudity is somewhat ignored.  

Why Manoh in Hawaii

Nude beaches are limited in Hawaii and nudity in public is not legal.  Hawaii Manoh men want somewhere to go to play naked.  Manoh is a way for new Manoh men to become comfortable with their own nudity in a social environment and for all Manoh Men to enjoy the comfort of nudity in a social setting.  Each scheduled event is hosted by a Manoh Man and the type of party offered is up to the host.  Most of the events tend to be cocktail parties but Manoh will consider football parties, beach parties, catamaran sails, or movie nights as other possible events.  

Who Attends

All adult ages, all body types, all ethnicities, all professions, visitors,  and locals come to the various events.  You choose which events you would like to go to.  You can be a bear, clean-cut, daddy, geek, jock, otter, rugged, twink, bottom, top, versatile, dominant, passive, son, smooth, hairy, cut or un-cut, religious, atheist, vegetarian, Democrat, Republican, Independent or any other political affiliation.  All that we ask is that you be a member in good standing (no pun intended).  

Messages from Manoh Man

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4/19/2014:  The Dark Side event is nearly full.  We have about 3 slots left.  

4/14/2014:  We are working to get one of our Manoh members at the next event to play a little music as well.  Looks like it will happen.  The event has about 11 slots left open.  

4/13/2014:  The Dark Side Event is now open.  We had to open it early because it is only 3 weeks away.  Registration will likely be open only for two weeks.  The flyer will be sent out today as well to all Manoh Men regular members.  

4/6/2014:  Manoh Moon is closed.  If you want to be placed on the waiting list you may email the webmaster.  The next event is May 3 and the sign up time will be VERY short.  The event will likely be posted by the 13th or 14th and registration will open only for about 2 weeks.  A flyer will be sent to the members.  

4/4/2014:  Manoh Moon will close in the next few days as there are only 2 spots left. 

3/23/2014:  Next newsletter will go out next Saturday along with the flyer for Manoh Moon.  Because the May event is on May 3 this year, another flyer will be sent out around the 19th of April to make sure everyone has enough time to get registered for the events.  The May event will be on line by the middle of April.  

3/21/2014:  Happy first day of Spring--like it matters in Hawaii!  Manoh Chuck (Tattooed guy pictured on the left) is looking forward to hosting our Manoh Moon Event.  The event is 1/3 full just from the website.  Flyers do not go out until the end of next week to our regular membership.  

3/16/2014:  The Manoh event for April is now scheduled and will be announced soon.  Remember, if you change your email address, let us know.  Otherwise you will not get the notices.  

3/10/2014:  The Manoh event for March is now full.  If you want to be added to the waiting list, send us an email and we will contact you in the event there is a cancelation.  

3/1/2014:  All of you should have received the March info letter along with the Manoh Irish Banger Event notification for March 15th.  The Mini Manoh event is almost full so we will leave the registration open through Saturday should there be any last minute registrations.  

2/25/2014:  We are constantly working ahead and figuring out events that Manoh Men might enjoy throughout the year.  Because our membership has increased so much in the last 4 months we want to begin planning for our year end event well ahead of time so that we get our international and local visitors to commit early in the year.  Watch for details coming soon about the END OF YEAR EVENT.  This will be a VERY large event in Waikiki. 

2/22/2014:  We had another very fun Manoh event hosted by Manoh Gerry.  Thanks so much.  We have two great events coming up in March.  Still looking forward to someone stepping forward for the month of April.  

2/18/2014:  Our first Mini Manoh went very well.  Had a full turnout.  Thanks for the participating Mini Men.  We are anxiously awaiting new offers from some of our Manoh Men Members for other Mini Manoh Events.  Game nights, pizza nights, movie nights, Massage nights (or even days--it doesn't have to be nights).

2/13/2014:  Mini Manoh event participants will get their notices with details of the event Thursday.  There are still a few spots open for the Manoh event on the 22nd.  

2/6/2014:  We've only got a few spots left for the Mini Manoh Touchy Feely Event on the 16th.  It likely will close out by the weekend.  If it fills up, you can always sign up for the Manoh Event Love Sucks on the 22nd.  We still have some spots left for that event.  

Past Events 

April 12, 2014 Manoh Chuck from Kauai hosted an event in Waikiki for over 30 Manoh meant.  Manoh Chuck's Tattoos were awesome.  We again had some new members and a good time was had by all who attended.  Thanks much to Manoh Chuck for hosting the event this month.   

March 15, 2014  Over 30 Manoh men participated in the Irish Banger.  The event filled up and still had a waiting list of 5 who wanted to go but who we were unable to accommodate.  It's great that the events are getting popular but we must limit the size.  It is simply a first-come, first serve for the registrants.  We had many new members.  Thanks to all for making Manoh an outstanding success.  

March 2, 2014  Twelve Mini Manoh Members enjoyed a variety of wines (12-14 bottles), a few beers and some non alcoholic beverages.  The beer drinking webmaster even found a wine that he could tolerate.  Sangria (Perhaps another Mini Manoh Sangria night to be scheduled) is also a tasty beverage.  There was a variety of wines from California, Spain and Australia.  There was all kinds of cheese and snacks to soak up the beverages.  Thanks to all of those who contributed to the ambiance of the Wine-oh event.  

February 22, 2014 was our February Manoh event celebrating Valentine's Day, President's Day and a February 22 Manoh Event.  Host Manoh Gerry was a gracious host for over 30 naked Manoh members.  Mahalo to the new guests and our regulars who continue making Manoh a success. 

February 16, 2014 was our first Mini Manoh event hosted by Manoh Don at his condowho shared his museum quality relics with 17 Manoh Members. Naturally an all nude event consistent with Manoh philosophy.  

January 25, 2014 was a Manoh Event hosted by Manoh John at a hotel overlooking the golf course on the Ala Wai canal.  Great Pupu's and beverages completed the evening with 30 Manoh Men enjoying each other's company. 

December 31, 2013 was a last minute New Year's Eve event with about 30 Manoh members at a Waikiki boutique hotel ringing in 2014 naked with chapagne and a fantastic view of the fireworks.  The event was hosted by Manoh John.

December 21, 2013 was a festive holiday gathering at a private Waikiki condo with over 30 members sharing holiday cheers and spirits hosted by Manoh Larry and Manoy Rich.

November 16, 2013 was an impromptu event hosted by Manoh Management at a Honolulu Hotel.  Thirty members were able to express their thankfulness in various ways prior to the Thanksgiving weekend. 

October 26, 2013 was hosted by Manoh Kim at his condo in Waikiki.  It was a Halloweenie Event  with the requirement that everyone had to wear a birthday suit.  No other decorations were allowed.