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6/6 PMS

(Pre ManoH Session)

June 6

Wednesday 7-10 PMS

(The event is in Waikiki)

This event is for a small group of new and visiting guys who are interested in ManoH but have never attended an event or they want to attend but hasn’t mustered up the courage to actually go. We've heard comments that I'm too nervous, I'm too shy, I've never been naked with other guys other than in a high school shower room, my penis is too small, I'm afraid I will get a hard on, I'm afraid I won't get a hard on, I won't know what to do, etc.


PMS is a chance to get a close look at a ManoH event or a ManoH man for that matter without the pressures of 50-100 other guys in the group.

With a smaller group of guys and a couple of our board members attending, we can explain in great detail what you can expect at a ManoH event. We want the guys to feel comfortable in asking any questions about the events, sexuality, help to define what is a top and what is a bottom--all of those questions that you can't or didn’t ask you mom or dad. The PMS is a nude event at a local condo in Waikiki. It may be a happy hour event or even a day time event where you can meet ManoH men in the flesh. We would ask you to bring your own beverage and a snack to share with others. You must be a member but you cannot have attended any previous ManoH events.

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